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SSI Registration

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  1. For "Footwear & Leatherwoods" 20
  2. For "Paper Craft & Papier-Mâché" 30
  3. For "Carpet Weaving &training" 30

Yes, Dept. Is running following three training Courses

  1. Six months training course in “Footwear and Leather goods manufacturing" at Flatted Factories for leather goods Complex at Wazirpur.
  2. 2 Years course in "Paper Craft &Paper Mache" for girls only at Weavers colony, Bharat Nagar, Delhi.
  3. 1 Year course in Carpet weaving “at Weavers Colony, Bharat Nagar, Delhi.

Ans. Applications for admission are invited through Press advertisement in the leading Newspapers of Delhi.

 Every year State Awards are given for the best items selected by a selection Handicrafts committee 3 State awards of Rs. 7000/- each +Angvastra + Certificate.
5 State Merit Awards of Rs. 3000/- each +Angvastra + Certificate.
10 Consolation Prizes of Rs. 1000/- each.

  1. For "Foot-wear & Leather goods Mft" 8th pass.
  2. For "Paper Craft & Paper Mache" 12th pass.
  3. For "Carpet Weaving &training" 10th pass.
  1. For "Foot wear & Leathers goods" 16 years
  2. For "Paper Craft & Paper Mache" 15 to 21 years
  3. For "Carpet weaving &training" 15 to 21 years
  1. For "Footwear & Leather goods" Rs. 150/- pm.
  2. For "Paper Craft & Paper Mache" Rs. 250/- pm.
  3. For "Carpet weaving &Training" Rs. 250/- pm.